May monthly meeting will meet through Zoom not in person!

new coagmet station

Eagle, CO

Brush Creek Ranch and Open Space

Installed on November 19th, 2019

To access data from one or both of our stations check out the following website Our station IDs are EGL01, Eagle and GYP01, Gypsum

A Special Thank You to Eagle County, CSCB and CSU for all the hard work installing our second CoAgMet Staion

Agriculture Presentation for the ERWMP

October 7th from 1-3pm at 250 Castle Peak Ranch Road in Eagle

Come learn from the ECCD Board Members, Stephen Jaouen from NRCS and Denyse Schrenker from CSU ext, how agriculture plays an important role in the health of our local waterways. Please RSVP at if you'd like to attend.